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The Putnam Tennis Collection - Page 6
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Distinctive Tennis Gifts

Tennis Ball Decanter
in English Crystal
Large handcut English lead crystal
decanter featuring a unique tennis
ball exclusive design. The heavy
stopper is also cut in the form
of a tennis ball.
Item #: DBL

Distinctive Tennis Gifts

English Crystal Tennis Ball Glasses
Hand cut English lead crystal glass featuring
a unique tennis ball exclusive design.

Both Wine Goblets and Tumblers are 8 oz. - Sold individually.
Item #: BTU (tumbler)
Item #: BWG (wine glass)

Distinctive Tennis Gifts

Swirling Tennis Ball Crystal
These beautiful glasses all feature a heavy base and high quality clear English crystal. Featuring the unique engraving of a swirling tennis ball.
Item #: T/SB(8 oz)
Sold as a single or boxed set of 4

Crystal Champagne Flute
Sold as a pair (7 oz flute)
Item #: CF/SB
Crystal High Ball
Sold as a pair in (12 oz)
Item #: HB/SB

Distinctive Tennis Gifts

English Crystal Cut Glass Tumbler
Hand cut English crystal classic
spirit tumbler with crossed tennis racquet
motif engraved on the front panel.

Sold as a single 8 oz. glass or in boxed sets of 4
Item #: WTL/R

Distinctive Tennis Gifts

Crystal Martini Glass (5 oz)
Item #: MG

Crystal Champagne Flute (6 oz)
Item #: CF/A

Crystal High Ball Glass (12 oz)
Item #: HB
All these sets feature a heavy base, high quality English crystal and uniquely engraved tennis ball bubbles swirl up and around the glass.
Sold in Pairs

English Lead Crystal from The Silver Tennis Collection
can be engraved to make a distinctive and memorable
trophy or presentation piece.

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